Slade School of Fine Art
I heard this phrase today – your experiences colour you – which really resonated with me, because what it suggests is that colour is not something that you are born with, but rather that lived experiences create the colours through which you see your life – that colouring is an active process of being. As a painter who constantly thinks about colours, it made me think of how I build them up in my paintings. Colour based on the medium – watercolour, acrylic, oil or gesso – can affect the next layer of colours. It can be built up slowly through thin layering and even rubbed away with sand paper. A muddy colour is hard to figure out visually because you don’t know what original colours were mixed together.

The paintings that are in the show are loosely related to that last train of thought. They are about verything I think about that can be put into painting. They are about how colours can sit next to each other, how relationships can tie to history, to the persona