National Art Museum, Nati

onal Museum No.1 Wu Si Da Jie,
Dongcheng District, Beijing, China 100010
8 July – 13 August 2008

The Red Mansion Foundation was pleased to be chosen to curate the British Pavilion at the Beijing Biennale in July 2008.

Following a show in 2005 in which The Red Mansion Foundation exhibited works by Royal Academicians at the National Art Museum in Beijing, the Chinese Artists Association approached our organization to select a group of artists and their work to be put forward for the Biennale. This show comprised of a group of artists and sculptors that includes former Red Mansion Art Prize winners and a fresh breed of British artists, as well as some more established artists. The full list runs thusly:

Allen Jones, Anthony Francis, Petros Chrisostomou, Bruno Pacheco, Charlotte Crowther, Chris Jones, Christian Ward, David Mach, Francesca Lowe, Ian McKeever, Susan Stockwell and John Bellany.

This exhibition did not aim to be comprehensive but envisaged the exposure of the Chinese audience at the Biennale to a fresh generation of British artists, as well as honouring the legacy of respected and acknowledged artists. The Red Mansion Foundation felt very privileged to be invited to participate in the third Beijing Biennale and to be able to continue its relationship with the Chinese Artist Association.